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What You Should Know Before Calling Any Electrician

What You Should Know Before Calling Any Electrician

Based on homeowner comments, here are the 5 most frustrating things about electricians that drive homeowners crazy…and how the Electrical Detectivessolves them.

Answering Machines & “To Serve You Better” Menu Options Contrary to what you’re led to believe, answering machines are not for your convenience. What’s convenient about leaving a message, then waiting for a call back? At the Electrical Detectives, your call is answered by a real, live, knowledgeable service professional24 hours a day.

No “Real” Appointments. Most service companies say something like, “I’ll be there in the morning… sometime between 8 and 12.” Then, they don’t call you when their plans change and they can’t come. It’s a total waste of your time. But not when you call theElectrical Detectives, wguarantee a Service Expert will show up within a 2-hour window of your scheduled appointment.

Don’t Have the Parts. You may have noticed electricians normally don’t stock their trucks. That’s why they end up making 2 or 3 trips to get everything need to fix your problem. The Electrical Detectives’ vehicles are stocked with thousands of parts, plus state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to solve your problem on the first trip.

Invoice Shock That’s what you experience when you’re charged for “time & materials” (and the electrician gets paid more the longer they take). The Electrical Detectives’invoices are shock-proof. That’s because we show you exactly what you’ll pay before the project begins.

“Guarantee? What Guarantee? Ask other service companies about their guarantee and you’ll get a blank stare. With the Electrical Detectives, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Why? We want you to be so satisfied you’ll tell your friends about theElectrical Detectives..

These are just a few little things that add up to make a big difference.

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