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A Short, Simple Script for Success

A Short, Simple Script for Success

Watching a successful contracting company operate is a thing of beauty. Every employee and every manager knows their defined role in the business, and they execute it perfectly. As a result, technicians get to customers’ homes on time, they provide an excellent service, and everyone is happy in the end. Homeowners get what they need, and the business is able to generate the revenue it needs.

None of this can happen if it’s not for the people you have answering your phones and dispatching your technicians. They’re the superstars that rarely get the attention they deserve. Without them, our business wouldn’t last a minute. We spend a lot of money to generate calls. If our CCRs (Client Care Representatives) didn’t know how to perform their job effectively, it would be as if we‘re flushing that money down the toilet.

Two of our best CCRs answering our phones are Shayna and Lindy. They answer the phones pretty much all of the time, unless it’s after hours or on the weekends. However, they have been known to have the phones transferred to their cell phones while taking care of their children or on vacation so that they can pick up a call coming in.

They have a philosophy – take as much time as needed when on the phone withcustomers. They make sure to give our customers all the information they need, such as our pricing, vehicles, and technicians.

Our CCRs have great confidence that they can take care of you when you call. Go ahead, give them a call. You’ll soon see why they are the best at what they do.

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