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What is a Power Surge

What is a Power Surge?

What is a Power Surge?

Most of us know that we need some kind of surge protection for our computers and TVs in our homes, but do you know why?

What is a power surge? How does it affect your home?

A power surge lasts for only a millionth of a second (or two), but it can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home. It carries massive amounts of extra voltage through the electric lines.

The most powerful power surges can fry all of the electrical wiring in your home. Weaker surges can burn out the delicate circuitry in your computers,  TVs, DVD players, satellite systems and other electronics and appliances.

Many people think that lightning strikes are the most common cause of a power surge, but that’s not true. Lightning strikes are the most powerful power surges, but the strike has to be less than a mile from your home to do damage.

The most common cause of a power surge is actually fluctuation of power usage down the line from you, or even within appliances in your own home. Some surges fry your electronics instantly, but most surge-related damage occurs over time. You may not even know a small surge or two happened, and then your DVD players stops working weeks or months later.

The best way to protect the thousands of dollars worth or electronics and appliances in your home is with a whole home surge protector. Call us at Electrical Detectives today to learn about the process of putting one in. It’s something we can do in most homes in a matter of hours.

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