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Electrical Main Service


Our main electrical service consists of the major components that make up your home’s main electrical service. These are the components which supply your home’s electricity from the power company. As the illustration below shows, they consist of the weatherhead and mast, the electric meter, the main disconnect and you main power cable.

Your main electrical service has been engineered as a unit to work perfectly in tune with your home’s power demands. The entire main electrical service is a “complete system” and designed for high efficiency with your safety in mind. We only use the best materials and couple that with expert professional installations that are done right the first time, every time and on time. Simply put, it’s the best electrical service for your home.
Here’s what you get:
New wiring
New weatherhead
New mast
New main disconnect switch
New main power cable (if applicable)
Copper grounding system
Expert, timely installation
All components meet or exceed your local codes and regulations at the time of installation.
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